Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Tortes and The Hare

Alexa and her class worked hard on two plays her class would be performing.  The memorized lines, made costumes, made back drops and props and spent a lot of time working on their plays.  She couldn't wait for the day that we got to come and watch.


Alexa was the mouse in the play "The Tortes and The Hare".


She new all her lines perfectly and was a pretty cute little mouse up in front of the room!



They performed two different afternoons for parents and grandparents.  They also did a couple performances for different classes in school.  Emma was very excited that her class was one of the classes that got to see the plays.


Here is the cast ready to take a bow.  Alexa walked us around the room to show us all the different parts of the background that she helped to create.


Alexa was pretty excited to have her daddy and grammy there to watch too!


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