Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Special Play Date

We have been anxiously waiting for our friends to bring home their sweet little girl from China.  We feel so blessed that we have such close friends that we have walked this road with and now we can support and encourage each other as we raise our little Asian cuties.  I love the fact that Max has the opportunity to be around and play with someone from his own race and culture.  I love that we can find ways to bring their culture into our families.  I for see many  Chinese dinners and Chinese celebrations in the future with our friends.


Isn't she a cutie?


Max and Sam quickly noticed each other.  Max helped Sam into his little car.


He then proceeded to push her around the yard.


A little stop for a chat and to make sure she was doing ok.


Then he was back at it and I love the fact that she is telling him which way to go already!  We are thinking an arranged marriage might be in order!


Another stop to check on his Samantha and then move on to lunch.


Max and Samantha shared their first gourmet lunch of Mac-n-cheese, bananas and pudding for dessert. They were so cute as they would look at each other and share their food with each other.


But as you can see Max is not the only McDonald boy that is pretty smitten with Samantha.  After Samantha went home Shane said he wanted a little sister too.

What a fun day with friends! 


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