Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Special Day

The kids were asked by their babysitter Chelsea if they would be in her wedding.  I can't even tell you how excited they were.  They love Chelsea and so do we.  She is the type of babysitter that when she walks in we can walk out.  She was the first babysitter we left Max with and he also has become very fond of her.  The girls had fun going dress shopping with her to find that perfect dress for the special day.  

The day finally came and girls went to the salon to get their hair done.  Alexa wanted her hair all up and loved all the girls.  I can't believe how big my little girl is getting. 

Emma also loved all her curls but her favorite was the flower. 

Shane was also super excited that he got to wear a fancy tux and those shiny shoes.  He was patiently waiting for the girls to get dressed by passing time with the ipad.

The girls were mesmerized by Chelsea, the beautiful bride.  It was so fun to sit back and watch them take it all in.  

Finally it was time for the bride and groom to see each other.  Everyone else waited in anticipation.  I love the girls little heads bending to see if they can catch a glimpse of the two of them.

It was time for the pictures to start.   Here is a shot of the whole wedding party.

The bride and the groom and my three little blessings.

This picture isn't the clearest but it says it all.  Shane was so excited to be in the wedding.  Do you think he could smile any bigger?

He was also very proud of his little box that he safely carried the rings in.  

The girls hardly moved as they carefully took everything in during the ceremony. 

Here comes the happy couple!

The kids cheered them on as they drove away.

We headed over to the reception.  On the way the girls slipped of their good shoes into something more comfy for rest of the evening.  We had fun making these together.

This mom was pretty proud of her three little blessings.  They did such a great job.  I love the dresses Chelsea picked for the girls.  When Chelsea was picking out the dresses she wanted to pick out dresses for them based on their personality.  She wanted a more traditional, long dress for my first born who is more conservative, serious and a rule follower.  She wanted to find something a little shorter and fun for my girl who loves life and loves to have fun.  I love the fact that she knows my kids and their personalities.  I love how she embraced each of them the day of her wedding.


Shane was busy doing what boys do .... climbing, swinging, twirling .....

until he got a glimpse of the bride and then he turned in a little gentleman this mom was so proud of.  He helped Chelsea with her carrying her dress for some pictures.  He was so sweet! 

I love these fun pictures at the reception.

The kids had fun too! 

This of course was Shane's favorite! 

My two handsome men! 

Me and the girls! 

The kids were so excited for dance.  I love this picture of Eric and his girls.  Do they look like they are having fun or what?

The girls having fun on the dance floor! 

Then there was Shane.  This is the first wedding dance the kids have been at and let me tell you I stood with my mouth open as our little Shane took the floor.  That little boy can feel the music and has the moves.  He had quite the audience and his mom and dad looked at each other like "we are in trouble!"  

Shane in action doing the Robot!

I love seeing my girls having fun together. 

It was a fun day and evening.  The kids felt very special and loved being in Chelsea's wedding.  It will be something they will always remember and treasure.  I feel blessed to be the mommy of three sweet little blessings that stole their babysitters heart! 


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