Monday, June 27, 2011

Shane's Bug Bash

When we were at the store getting some stuff for Alexa's party and Shane saw bug stuff and decided he wanted to have a Bug Bash for his birthday.  Shane was so excited as we prepared for his birthday party.


The table was set and ready for the big day.  

We did a mid morning party so just did snacky, not so healthy food.  The kids had fun coming up with all kids of buggy food.  We had bug juice which was just green juice we put labels on.  The boys thought the juice was fun.  We had gummy worms and gummy dragon flies.  There was crushed oreos and gummy worms for dirt and worms.  There were grapes as beetles.  We took pretzel rods and rolled them in chocolate and sprinkles for our ants on a log. We also put gummy bugs in green jello for bugs in the grass.  Of course a party isn't complete without cupcakes, bug cupcakes of course.

We made bug jars for bug hunting and bug hunting kits for the boys to take home from the party.

Our birthday boy was ready for his friends to arrive

After the boys arrived and they ran around a little they decorated their bug catching visors. 

When they were working on their visors Eric went around and poked holes in the jars so their bugs could breathe after they caught them.

The bug hunters are ready!

Max wanted in on the action too.

And they were off.


The boys were all busy hunting for their bugs!  They each ended up with a jar of plastic bugs to take home.

Next we played "Bugs on a Leaf" which is the bug version of Musical Chairs.

Everyone then sat in a circle and played "Buzz, Buzz, Sting" which is the bug version of Duck, Duck, Goose.

Shane and his friends. 

It was time to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and get some food. 

Shane was so cute and didn't know where look or what to do as everyone sang to him. 

"Make a wish birthday boy!"

It was time to dig into the buggy food!

We then gathered in the yard for Shane to open some presents.

We finished the party with a couple other games.  We played "Bug Are You Sleeping".  The kids would walk around the one in the middle and say "Bug are you sleeping?" The bug would answer "yes"!

When he would finally answer "no"! Everyone would scream and run and he the bug would try to tag someone to be the bug next.

We finished the morning with the game "Bug In A Web" The kids wrapped each other in toilet paper like a bug wrapped in a spider web and then raced across the yard and bag.  There were lots of giggles and smiles during this game.

We had a fun Bug Bash!

I can't believe my baby is 6.  Where has the time gone! 


Carey said...

What a fun fun party! Happy Birthday, Shane!

Kathy said...

The party is just darling! And what great games! Looks like the kids had a lot of fun! I'm always impressed at what you can pull off in a short amount of time. You are amazing.

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