Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome To Alexa's Kitchen

 Alexa had been set on having an Art Party for her birthday for quite some time.  Luckily this mom isn't working too far in advance these days because the week of her birthday she decided she wanted to do a Baking Party with her two best friends.  She already had some ideas dreamed up of what she wanted to do and make at her party.  It was a really fun party to pull together with my almost 9 year old. 

The menu was made and ingredients were bought. The mixer was ready to go. 

We had fun setting the table with everything you might need to decorate some cupcakes. 

Here are some of the details for my party planning friends.  I found very reasonable paperish chef hats to decorate.  We added sticker letters with their names.  We found clip boards at the Target Dollar Spot and printed out each recipe for Alexa's friends to have and then to take home.  We found cute boxes at Hobby Lobby for the girls to take their yummy creations home when they were done. We filled frosting bags with fun tips with various colored frosting and had a large variety of sprinkles and candy on the white pedestal.  I took the sprinkles out of the containers and put them in little plastic bowls with spoons which seemed to work out really well.  We didn't have cupcakes with crazy excess sprinkles that came pouring out. 

Alexa and I cut out and strung her "Welcome To Alexa's Kitchen" banner.  Notice we forgot the ' before the s .... oops.

The birthday girl was very excited for her friends to arrive.

First on the agenda was hugs and giggles as the girls hadn't seen each other for a while.  They they started by making a flower out of cup cake liners to decorate their chef hats.  Just a hint if you are making these.  I ended up helping them and used a glue gun to glue the flower together and to glue it on.  We tried it earlier and it took way too long and was frustrating with other glue. 

Our cute little chefs were ready to go.

Then it was time to take out the recipes and start the baking.  We made some yummy Chocolate Cupcakes first. 

After the cupcakes were in the oven we started on lunch.  Alexa's request was to make homemade pizza.   
I tried to find some little pizza pans but didn't have any luck so we decided to make these pizza mats so the girls knew how big to make their pizza.  We just used card stock and then ran them to the teacher store to laminate them.

"Yummy, doesn't that look good?"

While the pizza was baking the girls worked on making their aprons.  I had cut out a variety of shapes, flowers and stems out of different fabrics for them to put together on an apron.  They designed their aprons and then I ironed no sew bond on the back of the fabric and they cut around it.  We then ironed it on to the apron.  I got these aprons at Hobby Lobby for a very reasonable price when they were half off and used extra fabric I had so it ended up to be a very cute and resonable project.  

One of the finished products. 

Pizza's were done and it was time for lunch! The girls were so proud of their pizza's and thought they were yummy.  The glass Snapple bottles with the labels off and fun straws were a hit too. 

After lunch tummies were full and it was time to get back to baking.  The girls learned how to zest a lemon! We made Pink Lemonade cupcakes and frosting.  A big thanks to my blogging friend Shannon for this yummy recipe she had used at one of her girls parties.

While the cupcakes were baking the girls made chocolate dipped strawberries.  They all thought it was so much fun.  For most of them this was their favorite part.

It was then time for the decorating to begin.  There was a flurry of activity as the girls began.  

They experimented with different tips and sprinkle combinations.  They were quite creative.  The Pink Lemonade cupcakes they topped with pink lemonade frosting, a straw and a little candy lemon. 

The finished product and the goodies ready to go home.

Alexa and her two best friends.  We had a fun couple hours baking, eating, crafting and decorating.  Alexa thought it was a perfect party in her eyes and her favorite party to date. 

"Make A Wish!"

Happy Birthday sweet girl I can't believe you are 9 already!


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