Sunday, June 5, 2011

Two Ballerinas

The girls loved dance last year and waited patiently to see how Max adjusted before we jumped back in for the spring recital.  The girls were very excited to be part of dance again.  This year they were in a class together which made it easy for all of us. 

 Alexa continued to improve on the base that she built last year and was very precise as she practiced her moves at home.  

Emma was excited to be in Alexa's class but was a little nervous as it was harder and the expectations were greater.  She rose to the occasion and worked hard and asked Alexa to practice with her when she felt like some of the moves were hard.  

My brown eyed girl!

My blue eyed beauty!

I loved watching these two sisters work together this year and grow in the process.

It is always fun to see all the girls getting ready for their big performance.  Their is excitement in the room! 

The girls were with their class doing different activities until it was their turn to be on stage!

 Grammy got to sneak back stage and see the girls before their big performance.  The girls were a little nervous because they had the wedding the night of rehearsal so didn't get to practice on the big stage. I was a little bummed because I didn't get a chance to video their performance or take pictures of their group because you can only do that during rehearsal.  The girls did great and didn't look a bit nervous.

They got hugs and kisses from papa when they were done! 

They loved their flowers from their daddy! 

Great job Alexa and Emma we are so proud of you! 


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