Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pudding Time

The boys love their pudding time together!


The both dive in with both hands. 


We do various things with pudding around our house.  Shane loves to practice his letters or numbers in pudding. The girls love to practice their spelling words in pudding. 



One thing that research shows is that kids who have been institutionalized struggle with sensory weakness because of their lack of sensory stimulation.  We have tried to be proactive in this area.  Max spends time in tubs of rice or beans to work on touching and playing with various textures.  It was good to see him explore in the grass the first time outside.  He will touch and feel various textures in books.  You can tell he is very aware of how different textures feel.  One of the things we try to do once a week is his pudding time.  The first couple times he was a little more hesitant to put his hands ALL in but as you can see he loves it now.


As you can see he is loving it!


For Shane at times pudding time is serious business. 


For Max it is a party!


Both of the boys love how yummy pudding time is. 


But when pudding time is over ......


this is the face I get! 


Lori said...

Oh goodness, are these two not the sweetest ever?!! What a precious face little Max has and that last pudding-all-gone pic is priceless! lol

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