Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You Know You Live In South Dakota when .......

You know you live in South Dakota when you wake up on April 10 and there is snow on the ground!

The girls were very excited to see snow this morning. It meant one more day to get all bundled up and have some fun outside. Emma quickly reminded me that they also get hot cocoa when they come in to warm up.

My prayer today is that my eyes are a little more childlike. I woke up this morning bummed and wondering why I don't live in Arizona anymore. My girls woke up full of joy because they knew they got to play in the snow at least one more day. They always see to find joy in the things going on around them. I hope I can slow down and take time to find joy even in the little things going on around me in the days to come!


Beckyb said...

How true is that?!?! They had to de-ice our plane THREE times before we could fly out of Sioux Falls on Tuesday - who would have thought?!?! :) And now I'm not even there to enjoy it!!!

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