Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Alexa The Little Sponge

Alexa is like a little sponge right now. She loves to learn and is always asking me to help her try new things, read new words, spell different words ...... She has a love for learning and is very self motivated. She goes to a preschool that is right up her alley. The teacher does not have the year planned out but instead they develop their units based on what the students are interested in. Their language, music, motor skills, math and art are all centered around that theme. This type of learning is right up Alexa's alley since she is also very creative. She has been interested in learning about the body and dug up all the books I had on the body and took them to preschool. Some of her friends caught the body bug so her teacher has started a unit on the body. She is thrilled. She came home yesterday informing us that her favorite body part was her esophagus. Eric and I looked at each other like wow not your hands, feet, heart or even brain but the esophagus! Here is one of her little projects she did with her body unit.


mommy24treasures said...

Alexa is so beautiful. That is funny, her esophagus.... Too cute...
I have not ignored your request for a SN list, I am trying to put it together with links in spare time so you can understand exactly how SN works... its all so confusing at first and I want to explain it step by step.
I have got to take the time to look at your bows... You know Caitlyn and Chloe always have a bow in their hair. I never tire of buying them and always feel we need more too.:)

The Kaylor Kastle said...

That is cute. Sophia came home from school the other day...they too are studying the body...and she says, you know that spit is really saliva? ;o) I live for comments like these and Alexa's!! I love how her bows are like her sweater, but not exactly. If only I could get my girls to wear one I'd order a gazillion from you!

nikki said...

She is adorable! I love her zest for learning.

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