Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's A Boy To Do With 2 Girls In The House

Shane is all boy but there are times he just wants to play with the girls. There are other times he's not sure what he wants to play with ... his toys or the girls toys. It wasn't working too well to play basketball with his high heals on (notice the neclaces too). He decided to take a break and take care of the baby instead. I have to say he is pretty cute when he's taking care of the babies. I'm sure he'll love it someday that his mom took these pictures.


The Kaylor Kastle said...

What a handsome Cinderella!!!

Kathryn Schoon-Tanis said...

the high heels and necklaces are great, but i'm going to go with the blue princess dress for his wedding day! now he just needs his princess charming!
love and blessings to you all. hope you are staying warm.

Lori said...

Oh, yes, those heels can be a killer when playing ball!! lol
I think he needs a little brother to pal around with!! ;)

The Kaylor Kastle said...

Did I tell you that my old neighbor, Maria, is having quads? You can check out her blog about the quads at www.carlsonzone.com She is doing amazingly well...26 weeks along and no drugs or bedrest! All 4 babies are girls...can you just imagine???? ;o)))

Pen said...

How long have I have looked at your blog and I just noticed today (putting a blog together) that I can comment on your postings!? Sorry, it just takes me a little longer than most, but eventually I come around. tee hee!
Shane looks priceless! Wait till I show Jer!

mommy24treasures said...

oh my goodness he is adorable! this brought a huge smile from me!
Jacob is surrounded by girly things now. Chloe did not like girly things until around 4, While they were babies they played with stuff that could go either way.

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