Saturday, June 7, 2008

Alexa's Big Day

The last picture of Alexa before she is minus 4 baby teeth!!!

Alexa's bottom 2 permanent teeth were coming in behind her baby teeth on the bottom. The dentist decided to pull her bottom 4 teeth since the new teeth wouldn't fit in just 2 spots. Alexa was a little nervous since she hadn't lost any teeth yet. We did get one wiggled out minutes after the above picture was taken the night before her appointment!

Alexa was such a brave girl and made it through the teeth pulling like a champ. She actually thought it was pretty neat and was showing everyone. We had to have the talk that we can show family and friends but we don't need to show everyone. For example even the cashiers at the grocery store were lucky enough to get a peek. It is amazing how God made our mouth and teeth to work. It's only been a couple days and her little teeth have already shifted right up into their place.

Shane wasn't sure what to think of his sister's new look. Mommy is a little sad because now she's looking more like a big girl. Her baby is growing up way too fast!


The Kaylor Kastle said...

Forget college funds Julie..start saving now for ortho! Sophia has yet to lose a tooth naturally because her permanent ones keep coming in before the baby ones are ready to go. Sigh...times 4!! ;o))

mommy24treasures said...

This is a commont thing,them coming in behind. It is amazing though you are absolutely right! How they get right in line!
Alexa is beatufiul and I am glad to hear she was so brave.
Hope your week is wonderful.

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