Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Easter Story

I never get tired of hearing the kids talk about Jesus.  Shane was talking about Jesus' death and resurrection at Cubbies at Wednesday night club.  He was so excited on the way home telling us "Jesus died on the cwoss." We asked him what happened next and he said, "they bwoke his wegs!"  We said then what happened and he informed us that Jesus went to the doctor. We decided we needed to work on the end of the story.  Alexa, his big sister, took it on herself to teach Shane the Resurrection Story using the Resurrection Eggs she made at school.

Alexa would have her brother and sister sit down numerous times a day and go through the Resurrection Eggs with them.  It is such a great visual way to teach kids the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. 

Alexa showing Emma how the sword pierced Jesus' side. 

Alexa quizzing Emma!


Kathy said...

You must be one proud Mommy. I hope all of my kids know the easter story this well someday and are as enthusiastic about talking about it/sharing it. What a sweet post.

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