Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Homecoming Parade

The girl's new school is a K-12 Christian School.  They have adjusted well and are loving it.  This is the 1st year that the high school has varsity football so therefore it is the first year for a homecoming football game. The girls were so excited about marching in the homecoming parade.  They were pretty sad on Friday morning when they woke up to rain and were worried the parade would not go on.  The weather cleared up and it was a beautiful afternoon.

Each class had a theme of a board game.  Here come the 3 Kindergarten classes!

Emma's class was Candy Land so they had color squares around their neck! 

There is Emma waving at the crowd!

Here comes the 1st graders "Fishing For A Win!"

Alexa was swinging that pom pom and yelling "Go Chargers!"

Do you have the Guess Who game?  My kids love the game.  I thought the 4th graders were pretty cute with their disguises.  Shane thought they were so funny! 

Here are the janitors ... how creative is that! 

The cheerleaders and football players were handing out candy! They also were throwing candy from the floats.  Shane thought the parade was so much fun since he ended up with pockets fully loaded with candy.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of his bulging pockets.

He really liked the horses too and really wanted to ride the big one! 

Here comes the school mascot! Those poor girls following the horse, now that is team spirit :)! 

After school there was a school wide Fun Festival.  There were tons of carnival games, dunk tanks, cake walks, face painting and more.

Shane was pretty excited to win the ring toss and get a 20 oz bottle of pop.  That is pretty exciting for a boy who doesn't get pop too often!  We had a fun afternoon with all the festivities! 


mommy24treasures said...

the school sounds great! love stopping by to see the pics of your sweet Blessings.

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