Monday, November 30, 2009

A Night At The Lanes

We have some friends that we love to hang out with.  The kids always have a blast together no matter what we do!  We decided to hit the bowling alley! This is the first time we took the kids bowling.  See for yourself if you think they enjoyed it! 

I love the expression on each of their faces! 

The celebration is ready to begin!

Little Brietta is just a crack up.  She was so funny and wanted to do it all by herself.  

Alexa focused and ready to go! 

After every bowl Alexa ended up with her hands above her head just like this.  It was so fun how they each developed their own style.

Emma is all about the look.  She watched other bowlers and was trying that perfect bowling pose! 

It is looking good Emma!

Can you guess what kind of bowler Shane was?

Oh yes, he was the launcher.  He would run and launch.  I was afraid he was going to make a hole in the floor at times.  He definitely could be heard by everyone around us! 

We had a fun night and I'm sure we'll be back again! Oh and what ever happen to the paper scorecards and the alley we were at had couches to sit on while people waited for other bowlers.  


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