Monday, March 2, 2009

College Roomies

Carrie, Nicky, Vicki, Tish, myself and Wendy

My college roommates have become life long friends. Most of us met our freshman year because we were on the same floor.  Tish transferred her sophomore year and fit right in.  Our Senior Year we lived together in a house and had way too much fun and built friendships that have lasted through the years.  We get together every July for a weekend but decided to meet for a short weekend this winter.  It is always so much fun when we get together reminiscing about the college days, catching up on jobs, families and kids. We actually have 16 kids between the 6 of us.  We often talk about getting our kids together but then quickly revert back to loving our quiet weekend away with no kids.  There is always plenty of laughing and serious moments too.  Every time we sat to eat a meal, or have coffee and a snack it turned into 2-3 hours of eating, sitting and talking.  We can always just pick up just as if we never left college! Thanks guys for a fun weekend and for your friendship! 


Shans said...

What fun! I am glad you had a great girls weekend, we all needs those ever so often!

tekentut said...

Hi Julie!

I was just checking out your blog and notice Tish! We are friends here in Mason City...what a small world! I can totally see the two of you getting along well!


The Kaylor Kastle said...

So fun and busy Mom's need these get a ways for refreshment.

Lori said...

Oh how fun! Yea, I say just keep it the girls! :)

mommy24treasures said...

oh that's wonderful you had such a good visit.

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