Friday, March 20, 2009

A New Smile

My teeth story ... when I was in High School I was playing softball for my high school team.  At practice one evening I lost a pop fly in the sun and it came down square in my mouth.  It knocked my front tooth out root and all.  I was in total shock so my friend found my tooth in the grass and my coach took the tooth and put it in his mouth to keep it alive.  What a coach!! My parents were out of town so my coach drove me 15 minutes to my dentist and was the dental assistant as they tried to work some magic.  I ended up killing my 3 front teeth and they needed root canals, to be cemented together in hopes they would re-take.  It has been quite a few years and the dead teeth have stayed put.  I started having this fear that I would wake up one day without some front teeth.  Every couple years I would take the plugs out and they would bleach the insides but they couldn't handle another bleaching session.  They started feeling brittle, were getting yellow and were shifting.  So I decided it was time to begin the dreaded dental work.  So here is my smile the day before I went into to get my front 3 teeth sawed off and prepped for my new crowns.  I should have had a little color on my lips. 

After numerous dentist appointments, 10 hours in the dental chair, a lot of shots and happy gas here is my new smile!! I am getting used to my new teeth.  I am very happy with how natural they made them look.  Emma was so cute she said, "Mom your teeth are so beautiful I think I'm going to cry!"  Alexa has had a cavity so decided that she would like teeth like mine so she doesn't get any more cavities! 


Van Beek family said...

Beautiful smile!!

Kathy said...

Wow! Good for you for getting it done! Now you'll have a sparkly smile for your vacation. :)

The Kaylor Kastle said...

You know me, I am ALL about teeth. I'm glad you finally took care of yourself and your chompers. The pics for your upcoming vacation look amazing and you'll have a blast! Enjoy your time away!

Andra said...

Julie, they look fantastic!!!!

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