Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shane Has A Bit Of A Wait But He Is Busy Getting Ready For His Brother

The kids have been so excited about her their little brother in China.  They have been processing and asking questions.  They pray for him, ask questions about him and love planning for him.  He is part of our daily conversations and lately Shane has been talking about him a lot.  Last week the snow started melting and so Shane was pretty sure summer was coming which meant we would be getting close to getting his brother.  He asked if he should pack his suitcase for papa and grammy's house.  

We knew we wanted to tell the kids early so they could process and we could begin preparing them.  The hard thing with adoption is you just don't have a time line.  We told the kids we don't know when we will be able to go to China and get him because we have a lot of paperwork to do.  The other day Emma said, "Mom, why don't you go work on paperwork for our brother and we will just play!" We did tell them it will probably be after summer.  We are hoping by summer at least we will have a little bit of an idea where we are at.  So needless to say Shane is pretty sure that since the snow is melting then summer is coming which means he is closer to meeting his little brother.  It may be a long winter, spring and summer for Shane.  

Here are a couple things Shane has been doing to get ready for his brother.  

He painted him some pictures the other day!

We have been going through all the toys and are getting rid of stuff.  I think I may be nesting already.  Shane is having a really hard time letting go of his toys because he is pretty sure his brother needs them.  So here is his line up of trucks he is saving for his brother. 

He also has decided he no longer needs to sit in a booster seat at the table.  He is getting too big and his brother will probably need it.  He carefully placed it in the corner and it has been in the corner waiting patiently for his little brother.  

Shane I know you are going to be such a great big brother even though it just may rock your world a little bit! 


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