Friday, February 11, 2011

It's A Pajama Party

Emma was very excited for her Birthday Party. She patiently waited a week after her birthday for her party while we got a little more settled with her new little brother.

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Emma really wanted a sleep over but we decided to do a little compromise and settled on a pajama party. She decided she wanted to do nails and toes too. We had fun running out on a date to The Dollar Store, Target and Hobby Lobby to gather some things for her party.

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We set up the table like a bed for the Pajama Party.

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Emma decided she wanted to have pancakes for dinner. It only seems right to have pancakes when you have your pajamas on.

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We had strawberries, chocolate chips, syrup, chocolate, sprinkles and of course whip topping for the pancakes.

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The girls had fun topping their pancakes, nibbling on their fruit and giggling like little girls do at birthday parties.

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After dinner it was time to hit The Spa!

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The girls thought the foot bath was fun and then we did toe nails and finger nails.

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While some of the girls were at The Spa the other girls spent time decorating pillowcases with fabric markers.

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We played Musical Pillows and then the Birthday Girl had fun opening some gifts.

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Per Emma's request we had ice cream sundaes with all the fun toppings instead of cake. Once again the girls had fun putting their toppings on sundaes. They may have gone home with just a little sugar in their system.

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The Birthday Girl was all smiles as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She made her wish and blew out her candles.

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Emma had fun shopping and putting together these little pampering bags for her friends to take home.

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The girls finished the night with a little "Beauty Sleep!"

Emma loves life and loves to have fun. It was fun to watch her enjoy life with her friends as she celebrated her birthday. We had a great evening full of fun!


Shans said...

Absolutely DARLING!!! What a great party and the girls looked like they had a BLAST! Loved the table and of course pancakes for dinner is perfect :) So glad it went so well!!

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