Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas At Papa And Grammy's

We spent Sunday with my family celebrating Christmas. We always have a yummy brunch with many family favorites. We had the family Egg Bake, Peaches and Cream(my all time favorite), fresh fruit and muffins. We then went to church together. We filled up a whole row. It is always fun to go back and visit the church I grew up in. When we got home we quickly changed since the kids were ready to break into the presents. Every year I twist the family's arm to get a family pictures. It is so fun to see how the family grows and changes from year to year. I have 3 brothers. My older brother is married with 3 little girls and one of my younger brothers is also married. Santa doesn't come to Papa and Grammy's but Grammy finds a way to fill the adults stockings and since there isn't enough room to hang any more stockings, the grandkids get baskets. This is something the young and old look forward to every year. My brother even asked before he got married if he still got his stocking after he got married. As kids we always loved our stockings and we still do!

The highlights for the kids this year were Shane's sleeping bag. As you can see he crawled right in. He also got a mat to drive his cars on that he loves. The girls were surprised with their pink kitchen from Papa and Grammy. It definitely was favorite this Christmas. As you can see another highlight for Emma was her princess dress. She loves to dress up. Cousin Tyra got some beauty salon accessories that the girls tried out on Shane. What a trooper ... the only boy in the bunch! We spent the afternoon snacking, relaxing and playing games. We had a wonderful pork loin dinner to make the day complete.

The kids were tuckered out by the end of the night. They got their gingerbread pj's on for the trip home but had to jump on Papa and Grammy's bed for one last picture.


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