Monday, December 17, 2007

The Gingerbread House

Sunday is our Family Fun Night. I'll have to write about our typical Family Fun Night Activities on another post. This Sunday we decided to do a Gingerbread House with the kids! The kids were very excited and as you can see Alexa was busy showing dad what to do. Shane couldn't wait to get his hands on the cookie, frosting and candy. While Eric was busy putting frosting on the Gingerbread girl and boy for the girls to decorate Shane was busy eating the tree. The girls were not pleased with their brother. You can see in the picture that we managed to salvage half a tree. They were very proud of their finished project.


Kimber said...


Your children are SO cute. I got the apron for Kate at Orient Expressed. It is adorbale. It has gingerbread men and her name monogrammed. There is a better picture of it elsewhere on the blog. I think it is posted a few days or a week before Thanksgiving.

Merry Christmas! Your gingerbrad houses look great. We are going to atempt our this weekend:) Wish me luck!


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