Sunday, December 9, 2007

Karate School

Alexa has a little boy in her preschool class whose dad is a Karate instructor. He comes each week teaches some of the moves and teaches them all about truth, respect and other character traits. On Saturday they were invited to his Karate School to show off what they've learned, to get a white belt and to have a pizza party. I wasn't so sure about my little girls learning Karate at first, but I love the kids excitement for it and the different disciplines they are learning. When Mr. Meza would yell "TRUTH" they would say "telling the truth to yourself and others." When he would say "RESPECT" they would say "respect everyone." They showed us their blocks, kicks, punches and even broke a board. The highlight for them was getting their white belts and they were super proud to show off all they've learned.


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