Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cousin Fun

This week the kids cousins, Darby and Tyra came to spend the day with them.  Aunt Alissa and Aunt Ang came for the day too.  We were planning on going to Wild Water West but the weather was a little questionable.  We decided to hit the zoo instead.  The kids were so happy to see each other they probably would of been just as happy in the backyard.  

The kids were off and running the minute we got to the zoo.  They did stop for a minute or two to check out the animals.

The kids highlight, or maybe it was my highlight, was the cute little baby monkey.  It was just a little thing.  It was so much fun watching the mom monkey trying to teach her baby to climb.  The baby would hang on to her mom's leg for dear life as she swung from rope to rope.  When the mom when get to the destination she would force her little one off her leg and try to get her to climb down the cage on her own.  The baby was rewarded with a little milk from mom in the end.  My sweet little Emma made the announcement at the zoo, "Mom that's how you fed us huh?"  Nothing gets past her! 

Another highlight was feeding the animals at the Petting Zoo.  Darby is an animal lover and showed my kids just how feeding the animals works.  My kids are definitely city kids would would scream and dance when the goats tried to eat out of their hand.  Darby was the old pro who didn't flinch.  She showed them how to get the job done without all the noise and dancing. 

Alexa and Darby have always been two peas in a pod.  They have so much fun together. 

Emma loves her Aunt Ang.  We were so glad she came along for the day! 

What a fun day at the zoo with cousins!

 Wouldn't you know it totally cleared up when we got to the zoo so we finished our day at the Splash Park. The kids had fun cooling off! 


The Kaylor Kastle said...

Yes, the water park was a must with that humidity. How do you stand?? We went from the furnace to the sauna last week visiting Nebraska! ;o) The kids are always dressed so cute and coordinated with their cousins and what a blessing those relationships are!

Kathryn Schoon-Tanis said...

i want to go to the zoo with you! miss you much.

Carey said...

Cute pics! Love the one of the baby monkey. His eyes look they're saying, "what the...?" Looks like a fun day.

mommy24treasures said...

that monkey pic and giraffe pic are wonderful. What a cute baby monkey.
We love the zoo.

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