Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pictures At The Park

One of our favorite summer spots is a park in town.  The kids love the playground, it has huge beautiful shade trees, sometimes there are plays/music at the band shelter, there is a free wading pool and a beautiful flower garden.  We often pack a lunch and head there for lunch or dinner.  The weather has been beautiful so we have been taking advantage of it.  This weekend we had lunch at the park on Saturday.  I had the kids pose for some pictures in the flower garden.  Eric said I should post the picture flops instead of some of the good ones.  We had some funny ones.  I decided to post some of the better ones instead.  

Emma is our princess!! She loves anything girly.  She loves flowers.  I think her husband may be in trouble someday! She calls herself the fashion queen and what fashion queen doesn't love a bouquet of flowers on her night stand! 

I can't believe how big by brown eyed beauty is getting.  It is hard to believe she is starting kindergarten tomorrow.  She has matured so much over the last year.  She is such a wonderful big sister and quite the little helper.

We didn't have too much luck getting a picture of all 3 of them.  Shane is all boy and doesn't have too much sit in him.  He also had decided he wanted to sit on a rock in the other flower garden.  Alexa was doing the unnatural beauty queen pose and Emma was going for the biggest fake smile award.  That's what mom gets when she tries to take too many pictures in the flower garden! 

Shane loved smelling the flowers.  He was so cute.  He would blow air out of his nose when he would smell them and all of them were "yummy"!

Emma, Miss Blue Eyes, you make each day a little brighter with your smile and big blue eyes! 

Natural Beauty! 

And then there is Mr Shane! He is all boy and his mischievous smile says it all! Life is never dull with our little man around!

This picture was too funny!! I wanted Alexa and Emma to bend down and smell the flowers.  There were a number of bees in the flower beds.  So this is a picture of my nervous little girls trying to do what mom said with their eyes on the look out for bees! 

The kids love chasing squirrels at the park too! 

Having some fun on the playground!


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