Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma

Emma Faith,
I can't believe that you are 5 today!! It seems like just yesterday I was studying your sweet little face, tiny hands and feet and wondering what God had in store for your little life.  You are a little girl that is full of life.  You love everything about life.  You make us laugh with the things you do and say.  You love being around people and people are drawn to you and your personality.  You are a true girly, girl.  You love looking beautiful, wearing skirts, having your nails painted, dressing up as a princess, wearing lip gloss, wearing all the jewelry you can find and we can usually find you walking around the house in your dress up heels.  You are a wonderful big sister to your brother and you and your sister are wonderful friends.  I rarely hear you fight but instead hear you giggling and laughing together.  You love preschool and love to talk about what you learn.  You often surprise us with the things that you know.  I often hear you doing something or saying something and think where in the world did you learn that.  You are one of those kids who can hear something once or see it and know it.  Emma faith you have a sweet spirit and I pray that God gives your dad and I wisdom on how to guide that spirit and not quench it.  I pray that God continues to mold you into the little girl that he wants you to be.  Emma I feel so blessed that I get to be your mommy! I love you Emma Faith! 
Happy Birthday!

Emma had a great birthday today! She started her day with breakfast with her daddy.  They went to Cracker Barrel and Eric said "Emma was a hoot! "  She didn't stop talking and enjoyed her time with her daddy before preschool.  She was excited to celebrate her birthday at preschool.  She made cupcakes for her class and wanted to bring pink lemonade. 

Emma's sweet little friends, Aubrey and Brielle also turned 5 today.  They think it is pretty fun that they have a birthday on the same day.  We went to Applebees for lunch with them today for a little birthday celebration.
Emma decided she wanted Bran Muffins and Scrambled Eggs for her Birthday dinner.  She loved eating on the "I Am Special" plate. 
We finished the evening by heading to the mall to get Emma's ears pierced.  She is a girly, girl and has been talking or asking about getting her ears pierced for quite some time.  Alexa was really nervous for her the whole way there.  We got there and couldn't actually get it done.  They like to do both ears at the same time for a 5 year old but the 3 places in the mall that pierce ears only had 1 worker.  Emma was a little bummed but nothing some ice cream couldn't fix.  I think Alexa was relieved for her sister.  We are going to head back on Friday night to get her ears pierced.  Emma can't wait! 


Flip-flop Mama said...

oh funny. Ainsley would've been relieved for Porter too (not that he'd get his ears pierced but you know). I actually went first as the braver younger sister when I got mine pierced with my sister who was 4 yr older :) happy birthday Emma!

Andra said...

Happy Birthday Miss Emma! We love and miss you so!!!
Annie, Jeremy, Annika and Ava

mommy24treasures said...

HappyBirthday to your sweet girl:)

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