Thursday, February 12, 2009

Story Time At Barnes & Noble

Emma's preschool was featured at the Story Hour at Barnes and Noble last Friday night.  It was fun for her to see all her friends and the teachers from the preschool got to read the books.  There was a huge turnout so it looked like Barnes and Noble was the place to be on a Friday night! This was right after Emma got her ears pierced so she was super excited to show everyone her new earrings and as you can see in the picture she was checking often to make sure they were still there.

Emma and some of her classmates got up to lead the others in some songs they do at preschool! 

The highlight of the night was when Clifford made an appearance.  Shane was the first one to notice him and took of running to give him a big hug.  Shane couldn't get enough of Clifford.

Emma and Alexa got in line for a big hug from Clifford too! 


Shans said...

So fun! My Claire would love that, she is a big fan of Clifford.

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