Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last Week Of Summer Fun

I haven't posted much the last month because we have been enjoying our lazy days of summer! I wanted to take time to enjoy these last couple weeks before school started.  We spent a lot of time at the lake and last week it was finally "hot" here so we lived at Wild Water West.  We have a season pass at our local water park and love spending our warm summer afternoons swimming, going down slides, splashing on the pirate ship, bobbing in the wave pool and relaxing on the lazy river.  We even had some cousins and my brother and his wife join us for a day at the park. Daddy took the day off too!  I was so bummed I forgot my camera that day.

Love the sunny smiles here.  They just wanted to swim instead of take a picture for mom and the sun was shinning in their eyes!

Alexa turned into a fish this summer and loved just swimming around with her goggles on.

The highlight of our time at Wild Water West is when daddy comes with us because then we get to go down the big slide.  The kids were so excited because daddy joined us twice last week for some fun!

Alexa splashing around in the fountain!

Shane could live on the pirate ship.  It has water spraying and splashing everywhere, there are tons of slides and every couple minutes a big bucket of water dumps on everyone.  He loves getting wet and crazy on the ship! There is no fear in this little guy!

Emma's splash landing!! She makes the best faces when she is going down water slides!

One of Shane's favorite slides on the Pirate Ship!

We had so much fun enjoying the water and sun our last days of summer.  I can't believe it is over! 


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