Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where Has Summer Gone

I can't believe that it is August and summer as we know it is nearing its end.  We have had such a wonderful summer with the kids.  I felt like numerous times this summer Eric and I commented about how fun the kids are right now and we have enjoyed our time as a family so much.  Now, not to say we didn't have fun with the kids before or enjoy our time but it seems like life got really easy this summer.  Having 3 babies in 36 months was busy.  I enjoyed every minute of it but when I look back some of it seems like a blur.  I also hoped the day would come that they would be the best of friends and enjoy their days together since they are all so close in age.  This summer has seemed to be that magical time.  They are perfectly content to hang out with each other, playing make believe, running through the sprinklers, riding bikes, going to the pool, building forts, playing house  ....   

This was one of our outings lately that was so much fun as a family. 

Emma is so my daughter.  She mini golfs just like I did as a little girl.  Every time we got to a new hole she would need some guidance from daddy as to what side of the ball to stand on. Notice the upside down club? She also needed some guidance on how to hold the club and which way.  She then was ready to swing and the ball would sail into the rocks or water or bounce back at her.  She was so cute! She could have cared less where the ball ended up because remember she is our "life is a party" girl so she loved every minute of being out on the mini golf course! She didn't even care if she finished the round by getting the ball in the hole. Sometimes she would just pick it up with her hand with a smile and drop it in the hole.

Now Alexa on the other hand would never think of picking the ball up and putting it in the hole.  She is our rule follower and is our serious girl with drive and determination.  So no matter what it took Alexa was going to use her club to get that ball in the hole. Mini golfing came naturally for her and she was all about the game and getting that ball in the hole.

Emma watching where that ball was going! I love the tongue out! 

These were two of my favorite close up shots of the girls from the evening! 

Now Shane on the other hand was pretty sure he was going to show his sisters how to golf since he has been out golfing with daddy lately.  Every single picture I took of him had a great expression.  Here are a few of his mini golf expressions! 

That tongue is going to help get that ball in! 

Notice the bent knees and the oohing after his putt?

The serious swing! 

The perfect stance and the open mouth concentration!

Pretty proud of his shot! 

We enjoyed a beautiful summer evening on the mini golf course as a family. I'm sure there will be more in the years to come.  Off to enjoy our last full week of summer before school starts! 


Kathy said...

Isn't it sad that school is already starting? I too can't believe it's already over--I feel like it just started!!

Sweet descriptions of the kids--isn't it fun having such 3 distinct personalities? What little blessings!
Enjoy your last week of summer!

Carey said...

Oh, it sounds like you guys had a wonderful summer!! Very cool!

Shans said...

Looks like you guys have had a GREAT summer! So sad school is starting for you already...I feel our summer slipping away faster than I can attempt to hold on to it. Have a great week and good luck with the 1st week of school...1st Grade and Kindergarten - big changes!

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