Friday, July 17, 2009

Batter Up!

The girls had their first taste of softball this summer and let me tell you they absolutely loved it.  They loved everything from digging out their shirts and shoes to hitting and fielding.  I have to say the first practice run at the park was comical.  We went the the park as a family and Eric set up the bases so they had a little understanding of the how things worked before their first game.  Eric had them run the bases and yell the name of each base as they touched it.  They did this a couple times. When they were done he asked them "Where is 2nd base?"  They responded with just looking at him and pointing at 1st.  We decided we needed some more lessons in softball. 

Alexa is a natural born athlete.  Things come easy for her and she can be very determined for such a little thing.  She did a great job hitting and fielding the ball.  She wasn't one of those who played in the dirt she was after each ball no matter where it was hit!

Emma is our party girl and loves everything about life. Can you tell she is loving life after her big hit! She was excited if she hit it a little ways or a long ways.  She was the one that always had a smile on her face on the field and had to wave at me when she touched every base!  She makes me smile!

The girls thought it was so much fun being on the same team but they thought it was even more fun that daddy was on the field with them and helped coach them.  It was a fun family event for us on some of our summer evenings.  Shane and I cheered them on even though Shane was a little sad he couldn't participate.  He talked mom into playing catch and hitting some balls on the sidelines! 

The first game and first time on the field Alexa grabbed the catcher's mask and decided she was going to be catcher.  Eric and I both looked at each other like does she know what she is doing.  Even though Alexa is quiet and can be reserved she is always up for trying new things.  She did a great job as catcher and had fun while she was at it!

Alexa and Emma's first softball team!! I'm sure there will be more softball in the years to come! 


Rachel said...

Your blog and children are adorable!!! My husband and I are on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. Thanks for your sweet comment and for stopping by my blog!

Whitney said...

I left a comment on the July 3rd post! :)

Kathy said...

How neat for Emma and Alexa to be on the same team! Such fun for them and how convenient for you! :) I know what you mean--the T-Ball games here are pretty funny too. Rules? What rules? As long as they're having fun, right?

Kaylor Kastle said...

Julie...I don't have your email, but someone claiming they are you on Facebook is sending me messages saying you were mugged in England and need my help. It does not sound legit, but of course I would do anything to help you!! ;o)) Email me.

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