Monday, July 6, 2009

A Lil' Pampering At The Lake

We had such a great weekend at the lake.  The kids had tons of fun which you'll see in posts that follow!  Grammy brought her foot bath and some pampering things along of the girls.  They had so much fun at the Grammy's Spa at the lake.

The girls were all giggles and smiles as they soaked their feet in the foot bath! 

A little foot and leg massage! 

I love this picture of Tyra.  Her feet were so ticklish she just giggled during her foot massage !

Everyone got their toes and fingers clipped, cleaned and painted.  It wasn't an easy task after spending the day at the lake and in the sand. 

The girls were so excited about their toes and fingers.  They were ready for the 4th, red toes with white and blue flowers.  

Look at all those girls.  Someday Shane is going to think those odds are pretty nice but now he says "I don't have a fwend!"  He also tried to convince us that blue was a boy color and so the thought he should get his nails painted too with the blue polish!  


Andra said...

Shane, you are too cute!

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