Friday, July 3, 2009

Cute As A Cupcake

This week we had Alexa's birthday party with her friends! She was excited as we planned her cupcake party!  

We made a large cupcake for her cake.  She decided she wanted to do cupcake decorating so we ordered some chef hats and found cute little cupcake boxes for her friends to take their cupcakes home in.  Alexa and I made gift bags into cupcakes for her friends to take home with their party treats! She has so much fun helping the preparations and planning!  

Look at the little chefs ready to do some cupcake decorating!  

The girls had so much fun spreading frosting, experimenting with the different tips and putting all kinds of sprinkles on the tops.  Lets just say there was a lot of sugar on top of those cupcakes but boy did they have fun!

You know a party  is a success and fun was had by all when the table looks like this at the beginning and this at the end! 

"Happy Birthday to Alexa!" 

It was a beautiful night! We played a couple games.  The first was a cherry relay.  The girls carried cherries on spoons across the yard.  

They also played "Pin The Cherry On The Cupcake!"  There were a lot of squeals and giggles during this game! 

We had a great night! What a sweet fun group of girls! 


Andra said...

Adorable! I'm so glad the chef hats made it, such a cute idea! Looks like your birthday was a happy one Alexa!!!

Shans said...

So cute! The hats and everything were super cute! Love the cherry race very fun! Looks like Alexa had a great birthday party!

Jennifer said...

What a great party! We'll have to do that in a few years. Landree loves making cupcakes now, but I don't think I could handle more than one or two three year old's. Can you Imagine the mess?!

BOWquet said...


Nancy said...

What a cute cupcake party! Loved it :)

Whitney said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! Your kids are precious too! What a cute cupcake party!

Angela Holland said...

I love the cupcake theme!! I think I might have to do that one!!

American in Norway said...

Ohh what an ADORABLE idea! So glad I found your blog! : )

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