Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time With Daddy

The kids love their date times with daddy.  Eric has made a point to take each of them out individually to do special things.  The girls love going for breakfast, ice cream or to the park.  Emma likes to go to Claire's with daddy.  Shane got new golf clubs for his birthday so his new favorite thing to do with daddy is to go golfing. Eric decided to take him golfing 9 holes one day.  I asked him if he was sure since I know what Shane's weakness is ... talking and sitting still ... he said, "It will be fun!"  Now if you didn't know this about Shane he doesn't stop talking.  I mean never stops talking, he talks more than the girls.  There are times we'll ask him to be quiet for 5 minutes at the dinner table and he just can't handle the silence.  He often is the last one standing at the dinner table.   School lunch could be challenging if he doesn't get the talking under control. Anyway, the bonding morning Eric envisioned didn't go as planned.  Shane would sit in the cart and sing as loud as he could "Wheels on the Bus"  and "Smashing up my Baby Bumble Bee!"  He also talked the entire morning.  So needless to say Eric came home singing "I'm smashing up my baby bumble bee" and ready for a little peace and quiet!  So now Shane and Eric spend their special daddy and Shane time at the driving range instead.  Shane loves it and feels like such a big boy golfing with daddy.  He also thinks it is pretty cool that the girls never get to go golfing with daddy and mommy doesn't get to go either.  It has been fun to see Shane and Eric develop this special thing they can do together.  I think down the road it could be a good place for Shane and Eric to have some good heart to hearts.  I am so glad that Eric makes building a relationship the kids a priority.  Their eyes light up when they know it is their daddy date time.

Since the boys in the family say girls aren't aloud to go golfing with them I had to send my camera with Eric so I could see what went on.  Shane starts by placing the ball carefully by the tee that Eric put out as a marker. 

If you look closely there are two more tees where Shane needs to line up his feet.  He is concentrating so hard on this picture to get those feet just right! He says to me you say, "Feet, Feet, Hand, Hand, Ball, Ball!"  That's his little saying as he gets ready to go! 

He is now ready.  Shane always says "Daddy says watch the ball with my eyes!"  I love the mouth on this picture!

He is winding up for the big swing.  Check out that mouth again!

Nice swing buddy! 

Shane says, "YES!!! I did it!"  He was so proud of himself!


Kathy said...

What a cute story. I too love sending the camera with Dan and then looking at the photos later. It's neat to get a little glimpse into their time together, isn't it? And what a special time for Shane. It sounds like he and my Andrew would be quite the pair on the golf course! :)

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