Monday, August 23, 2010

Does Summer Have To End?

We had a picture perfect weekend at the lake. We soaked up every ounce of it knowing it just might be our last time to enjoy the water, sun and sand for the summer. The kids lived in the water from sun up until sun down. They had tons of fun with their cousins. Does summer really have to end?

A highlight was playing King of the Raft with uncle Jay. Jay joined in since Shane was a little out numbered!

Who wants to take a break from the fun for lunch? So lunch was brought to them. What a life! The girls thought lunch on the raft was pretty great!

Shane and Emma enjoyed their lunch on the dock!

Emma decided she wanted to try to ski. She tried to get up twice and got a little nervous and water logged so called it quits. We were proud of her for trying. Maybe next year!

Three little blonde's in the boat!

I love Alexa's lake look here!

The kids had fun on the tube. Everyone wants to ride on the tube with Aunt Ang because she is so much fun!

Emma and Tyra were pretty brave on the tub with no
hands until the bumps came. Then they grabbed on tight and help their breath.

What great weekend!
More wonderful lake memories were made this summer!


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