Saturday, August 7, 2010

Firewood Anyone?

We have had a wonderful summer and have once again made some wonderful memories at the cabin. This summer had plenty of hot summer days that were spent in the water at the lake or at Wild Water West. You don't always get hot summer days in South Dakota so we are going to chalk this summer up to a nice warm one. This also was the summer of a lot of rain and some major storms. One weekend a storm rolled through at the cabin and this was the damage that was done.

Yes, you see it right. A grouping of 7 trees was uprooted and blown over by the strong winds. We have tons of trees on the property so were very thankful that it wasn't one that was close to the cabin.

As you can see it had quite a larger root system that came up. Look how big it is compared to the kids. The kids were in awe of the big pile of roots behind them.

It actually was a group of trees were were wanting to trim back but you are not supposed to mess with the shore line of the lake. The trees and branches hung over the lake and made it hard to see the kids play in a nice sandy area. The uprooting cleared out a nice new area for the kids to play and now we can see them with out the trees in the way. So the storm took out just the right trees on the lot!


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