Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Fun At Wild Water West

We had a great summer! The weather was hot so we were able to use our Wild Water West season passes a lot. The kids and I spend quite a bit of time there during the week but we also were able to get a few weekend trips in with dad.

Shane's favorite part of the park is the big Pirate Ship. It has a couple slides, water is spraying everywhere, it dumps a large bucket of water on you every couple minutes, it is just plain fun. He could spend hours going down the blue slides and that is often what he did!

The girls were pretty excited because they were both 48 inches tall so it was the first year they could go on the lazy river and the big slides with out an adult. The loved floating on the river together. These pictures crack me up. I have no idea what wild ride they think they are on with their goggles. It is the lazy river!

This was another part of the Pirate Ship that Shane liked ... all the gadgets and wheels!

Alexa coming down the big slide by herself.

Emma with the big splash at the end.

Every day we were there Shane would check to see if he was tall enough to go down the slides by himself yet. Maybe next year Shane! He always enjoyed the slides with dad though!

Another favorite was the Wave Pool !

Emma anticipating the wave coming at her!

Shane with outstretched arms waiting for the big wave!

We had many hours of fun as a family at Wild Water West this summer. I wish it didn't have to end!


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