Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Grammy Sue

Yesterday we had Grammy over for brunch to celebrate her birthday!

The cupcakes were made ....

The table was set and the kids had fun decorating her place with Birthday cards.

The kids were hiding around the corner when she came and made her jump when they yelled "Happy Birthday!" We had a wonderful brunch together and then without hesitation it was time for cupcakes!

We sang Happy Birthday!

Then everyone helped blow out the candle!

Happy Birthday Grammy Sue we are so glad we could celebrate with you !

Grammy Sue has lived in the state of Washington and has done extended mission work in Africa over the years. This meant we only typically got to see her a couple times a year. This year marks a new adventure she is on that we are excited about. She has relocated to Sioux Falls and lived just miles from us. She was here for 2 months and we so enjoyed the time we were able to spend with her. She would take the kids out for one on one dates and they loved their evenings at the park that happened on a whim. We were able to have dinner together during the week as well. Today she is leaving for Africa. She has a new job with SIM that will take her to Africa for 8 months out of the year and then she will come back to Sioux Falls for 4 months next June. The kids were very sad to see her leave today but are excited knowing she will live in their town again during the summer!


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