Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Nice Long Weekend

We had a nice and relaxing Labor Day weekend. I am going to have to write about it rather than post any pictures since I am a little bummed I don't have any to show. I downloaded my pictures at the end of the weekend and they were gone. Eric tried the "rescue the pictures" software but didn't have any luck. I have to idea where they went! You have to love technology some days!

On Friday I went with Emma and all the other 80 1st graders monarch caterpillar hunting. This was my favorite field trip of Alexa's last year. I thought I had taken some great pictures of our day away but we'll have to just remember them. We headed down to Lake Vermillion. When we got there the kids were able to play on a playground for a little while and then we sat down for lunch. We then headed out to look for caterpillars. If you didn't know where to find them you look on milkweed. We didn't have as good of luck as we did last year. It seemed like the milkweed was about done for the season but we still were able to find 2. My four little hunters were pretty excited. They then got to play in the lake up to their knees and in the sand for the rest of the afternoon. It was fun meeting other moms and watching the kids enjoy time with friends and having fun in God's beautiful creation.

(This picture was from Alexa's field trip last year)

On Labor Day weekend Life Light Festival is always another highlight. It is 3 day, very large, free, Christian music festival that is minutes from our house. It is out in a large field and we grab our lawn chairs and blankets and head out to enjoy the music. The kids love dancing the night away. On Saturday morning we headed out to grounds and Eric participated in his first 5K race of his adult life. He ran a great race and met the goal he had set. We headed out to the festival on Saturday afternoon.

The highlight of the night was Lincoln Brewster.

Today Is the Day, Lincoln Brewster

On Sunday we were planning on heading back out to the festival but Alexa and I started to feel a little under the weather. We ended up relaxing and hitting an afternoon movie in the cheap theater. We went to Karate Kid. It was fun since it was filmed in China. There is a little Karate going around in the house now. The kids were wondering if their brother is learning Karate in the orphanage.

The Karate Kid

Monday was pretty low key as Shane ran a fever, I was feeling pretty miserable and spent most of the day in bed and Alexa felt crummy so laid low too. I was bummed our last day of a long weekend was spent in bed but at least we all had a day to rest and relax.


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