Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A trip to the local Apple Orchard is a must in the fall. We were able to head out and enjoy a beautiful fall day at the orchard.

The kids always have so much fun finding the perfect apples to take home for a snack. We often get bags and bags of windfall apples off the ground for applesauce but we made so much last year that instead we found some of those perfect ones right on the tree just to eat!

They of course looked for the biggest and best and examined it for any bruises or friendly worm holes.

I turned around and caught Shane right as he was ready to take a bite of the unwashed apple. Not that a little dirt won't hurt anyone!

Then we were off to the train!

We made a stop at the barn to say hi to the "farmyard friends!"

Alexa quickly became friends with this little guy!

Then they were off to the hay for some fun!

I love this picture of the girls running so carefree, just loving life, with the apple trees in the background.

And of course you can't play on the hay without jumping off of it!

A trip to the Apple Orchard is not complete with out a carmel apple ....

and an apple turnover.

Just one of the many things we love about fall .... until next year!


Deborah said...

Looks like such a fun fall day. Glad it's fall somewhere. Orlando is still in mid summer.

Shans said...

Oh SO fun!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!! Love the Mini Boden skirts too :)

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