Saturday, February 11, 2012

Emma's Winter Wonderland

Emma's is my girly, girl.  Up until a week before her party she had four ideas of the kinds of party she wanted swimming around in her head.  She really wanted to do some type of pink girly party and a North Pole party so when I threw out the "Winter Wonderland Party" idea she was all over it. She was totally bummed when she had her major reaction to antibiotics on her birthday and we had to postpone her party for a week. 

It was so much fun as we looked through pictures and ideas on the Internet.  She definitely had her idea of what she wanted to do and how she wanted everything to looks. 

We had a date night and made a trip to Target, Hobby Lobby and Michael's one evening and she knew exactly what she wanted. 

She found pink plates, napkins and straws.  She found cute little tierras and little white shimmery balls that looked like snow balls. We picked up some pink iridescent shred to add a little sparkle and pink to the table. 

Emma saw a picture of these cute little snowman and thought they would be perfect for lunch.

The lunch menu was snowballs, snowflake sandwiches and buckets of fruit. 

My birthday girl ... I can't believe she is 8 already!

The cupcakes were Emma's favorite ... Funfetti with pink frosting, some shimmer and a snowflake on top!

The table was ready for her friends to arrive!

Emma was so excited for her friends to arrive.  She is my social butterfly. I love this picture of them chatting and having fun together.

All the girls at the table!

We started the party off with lunch!

I love Emma's expression here ... even with a little food showing! Pure joy to have her friends around the table with her.

After lunch the girls made bottle cap necklaces.  We had a variety of colored winter themed snowflake graphics for them to pick from.

Next, they decorated their own hot travel mugs.  We have done numerous crafts over the years and often use paint pens.  This year I got smart and we used fun colored permanent markers. There wasn't the mess of paint flying when the girls shook them, paint running or smearing and the drying time was fast!

It was time to sing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday girl! 

Make a wish!

I love Emma's expression here! 

Emma opened a few presents and then it was time for dessert! 

Emma's other birthday wish ... a hot cocoa bar! 

The girls had fun filling their mugs with sugar :)! 

Sipping her hot cocoa!

There girls made some hot cocoa cones to take home at the end of the party! 

Emma has such a sweet group of friends.  It was fun to hear them giggle, laugh and interact with each other! Emma loved being part of the planning and putting everything together.  She said, "Mom, this was my best party ever!" I would have to agree this is one of my favorite parties too.  I think part of it was Emma's participation in helping plan and then seeing it all come together.  

Happy 8th Birthday Emma! 


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