Monday, February 13, 2012

Fancy Nancy Reading Extravaganza

The kids always have a month long Reading Extravaganza at school.  They have certain goals each week to try to meet and then if they meet them as a class they have a fun party to celebrate.  One week it was pajama day, one week they had game day, one week they had gum and candy day and the final week they had an ice cream party. It is something they always look forward to. This year they had a special night for the girls and a special night for the boys. The girls had a Fancy Nancy Night they were invited to.  They talked for weeks about what they were going to wear in anticipation of this fun night! 

When they arrived they decided they wanted to do make up first.

There was a lot of excitement in the air among the girls.

Next they decided to get their hair curled.

They had fun enjoying some fancy treats. 

Then we were off to the photo booth! 

Look at those two! 

We decided it was time for some chocolate! 

The girls loved the chocolate fountain.

They finished the night with some paraffin wax on their hands.

We had a fun night .... just us girls!


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