Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jumping For Joy .... SNOW

It has been my kind of winter .... very mild temps and very little snow.  My kids on the other hand were wanting some snow.  There have been a few very small snowfalls that melt quickly because of the high temps.  My kids have been waiting for the big snow fall and it finally came on February 22.  There was a lot of excitement in the air at the McDonald house as the snow kept falling. 

The kids didn't waste any time when they got home from school and were out in the snow.  

Max wasn't walking when he came home from China last year and was sick a lot of the winter so never did get out in the snow.  This was his time to get out in the snow. 

As you can see he didn't waste any time with joining in on the fun!

And his expressions say it all ... he was loving it! 

Alexa made a few snow angels. 

Love Max's face her as he stomped through the snow! 

They played puppies in the snow.

Emma taught Max how much fun it was to eat the snow! 

Brothers ... taking a little break in the snow!

The kids started working on a giant snowman! 

And when it was time to come in we had a very sad little boy and a big sister who gave her mom the "what do I do now" look! 

The snow brought a lot of excitement and joy to the McDonald house.  It looks like this too could be a short lived snow ... the temps are on the rise again in the forecast! 


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