Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grammy's Birthday

It is Grammy's big birthday at the end of May.  We surprised her on May 1 with a little birthday party.  We contacted some of her family and friends a put a basket together for her Birthday Month.  She has something to open everyday this month.  

The kids are helping her open her first gift! 

The basket of fun!!!

Of course it was fun to hang out with cousins and see baby Bailey again.  I can't believe how big she is getting!

The kids had way too much fun with their cousins on the little 4 wheelers.  My brother has one and my parents so there are is enough fun to go around!!! 

The chickens were also a big hit! Alexa was all giggles as she tried to hold them and they would flap out of her hands!

Shane liked to squeeze them a little too tight!

I love this picture of Mia! 

Emma pretending her chicken was a baby! I'm sure those poor chickens were really glad when all 12 little hands were out of their coop!! 


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