Friday, May 8, 2009

A Trip To Second Chance Rescue

I love having the opportunity to go on most of the girls' field trips.  The kids always look forward to getting to leave school to go do some special.  Emma's field trip a couple weeks ago was to Second Chance Rescue.  It is an animal shelter that people can adopt pets from.  Emma was more than excited to go and that I got to go along.  I have to admit it was one of the Field Trips that I was not eagerly anticipating.  I love being with Emma and her friends but I am not an animal lover and a pet fish is about the extent of it in the house.  I know I someday may eat my words.  

This was a little box turtle that her class actually adopted and got to take back to their classroom.  The kids were very excited.

The cat room .... imagine 20 cats running around :)  Yes, probably my least favorite room but as you can see Emma was loving playing with the cats and giving them some love.

There were also guinea pigs and birds! 

At the end they got to play with some cute little lab puppies.  Yes, they were really cute!! 


Andra said...

I see a little white dog running around your house someday! (hopefully Eric won't lock it in the closet)

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