Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Big Graduation Day

Alexa Grace,
I can't believe that your Kindergarten year is over.  It has been so much fun to watch you grow in so many ways this year.  You were so excited to be a Kindergartner and that excitement continued through out the year.  You even said that Kindergarten was so much fun you would go back again next year.  Your teacher said you were a model student.  She said you listened well and were very respectful.  You were kind to others and eager to help her and others out.  You are very artistic and creative.  Your Handwriting is very neat probably because you practiced so much.  Your favorite past time for awhile was copying books.  You have moved into writing your own stories.  I loved reading your journal and seeing how much you grew in your writing this year.  You also have become quite the little reader.  I love that you love books and love to read.  I loved watching your grow in your understanding of God this year. It was fun to hear all the Bible Stories that you learned more and more in depth.  I loved listening to you pray for your day and your brother and sister on the way to school. I also love it when you pray for our whole families hearts and that Jesus will live in all of us!! Alexa it was fun to see you develop a wonderful friendship with Caitlin this year.  I know that you will miss her but I also know you will make new friends at your new school.  Alexa Grace we are so proud of the sweet girl that you are and way you have grown this year.  Am I really going to have a 1st grader next year?
Love Mom 
Alexa getting her Kindergarten certificate from the Principal and hugging her teacher!

Papa and Grammy came to celebrate Alexa's big day with her!

We gave Alexa a special heart necklace with  pink cross engraved on it to let her know how special she is and how proud her mom and dad are of her! 


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