Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mother's Day Post A Little Late!!!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.  I feel so blessed to be a mom to 3 wonderful children.  It is so much fun to watch them grow and blossom.  I also feel very blessed that I have a wonderful husband who supports me, encourages me and loves me on this mom journey.   I am so thankful that he shares the same passion for me being home with our kids.  

My 3 Blessings and Me on Mother's Day 2009! 

My weekend started with Starbucks in bed on Saturday morning.  As I relaxed I had so much fun listening to Eric and kids making a yummy breakfast for me.  They even made fresh squeezed orange juice! They were so cute and so excited to make a Mother's Day breakfast for mommy!  I enjoyed some family time with them and then enjoyed a wonderful pedicure.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather in the evening and Eric grilled some Halibut and grilled veggies.  

Alexa made this darling card for me.  She drew 8 of her favorite things to do with me.  Some of them were cooking, cuddling, fixing puzzles, reading books, shopping and going for bike rides.  I hope she never grows out of loving to do things with her mommy! 

Emma made a place mat for me at preschool.  She had to fill in some blanks.  I love that she thought I was only 16.  The colored words are the words she filled in.  
My Mom
My mother is the most wonderful mom in the whole world.  She's as beautiful as a mother.  She is also very pretty.  He favorite food is salad and her favorite TV show is the weather.  She is 16 years old.  In the good old days when my mom was a little girl she used to ride a gator.  I think my mom looks funny when she puts make up on.  My mom can do many things! She is the best at being a mom.  I wish Mom would go to the mall with me everyday.  I wouldn't trade my mother for candy.  I Love You! Happy Mother's Day! 

On Sunday the kids sang in church.  What a treat to watch them sing their hearts out!  

We tried to hit our favorite brunch spot after church but the wait was over an hour.  Chef Eric decided to make a yummy brunch for us at home.  Eric is such a wonderful cook and it is a treat to not have to think about cooking on the weekend and to have yummy food to eat. Monday was a little shock to the system when I had to think about what I was going to cook.  I got spoiled on the weekend. 
Eric is usually really creative with gifts.  If he asks for suggestions I can usually count on the fact that I won't get anything I suggest.  He likes to be creative and surprise me so I'm not sure why he even asks if there is something I really want.  He came up with a fun gift for me or for us as a family.  He knows my love language is quality time and I love doing things as a family that build memories.  You'll have to wait and see what our new family bonding activity is in some future posts.  


Flip-flop Mama said...

That poem is hilarious. I may have to have my kids do that! Emma not trading you for candy is a high compliment :) And I'm sure we do look funny putting makeup on :)How cute!

Carey said...

Hey Julie! Catching up on your blog. The kids are as precious as ever! Love the Mom's Day card. So sweet. I love the things kids say!

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