Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Conversation With My Sweet Boy

I had to jump on the computer today to record the conversation Shane and I had on the way home from preschool.

Shane: Mom, I need to go to the store. 

Me: Why do you need to go to the store Shane?

Shane: I need to go get a BABE so I can marry her! 

I had to hold back a giggle.  Eric calls me babe in our everyday conversations so whenever Shane plays house he is the dad and one of the girls is his babe.  I knew what he meant but it sounded like he just wanted to head to the store to pick out a real babe! 

Me: Shane you are too little to get married! 

Shane: I know mom! I need to go to the car fix-up place first.

Me: Why do you need to go there?

Shane: I need to go get a car when I am a dad so I can go to the married place to get a babe to get married with. 

Me: Oh Shane you will be a good daddy someday but right now you just need to worry about being my little boy! 

Shane: Ok mommy!

Oh Shane I love how your little mind works.  There are so many days you make me smile.  I know these days are fleeting so today I am taking time to treasure our sweet conversations.


Shans said...

Ohhhh SO cute! I love it. My Claire has conversations similar to these and it just makes me smile!

Kathy said...

Don't you love these conversations? I came across one the other day that I had written down from when Matthew was smaller and I was so happy to have that sweet memory that I had forgotten. Now you'll have this to some day show Shane's future "babe." :) And what a lucky babe she'll be!!


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