Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shane Back In The Kitchen

We came home from the Apple Orchard with 3 1/2 bushel bags of apples.  Let me give you a hint if you are looking for some nice cheap apples for applesauce.  You can get windfall apples which are apples off the ground.  A 1/2 Bushel bag is only $4.  You get a lot of apples for $4.  You can find really nice apples on the ground especially after the wind blows in South Dakota. 

Shane and I spent 5 hours in the kitchen cutting up apples, cooking them down and then running them through the tomato press to make applesauce.  

Shane was a busy boy.  He cranked out almost all the apple sauce by himself.  He sure got the hang of how it all worked. I can't believe his little arm didn't get tired.

Yummy ... look at all the applesauce that is now in our freezer for the winter.  If you look in our freezer you would think that all we eat is pasta and pizza  sauce and apple sauce.  I know our hard work will pay off and taste yummy this winter.  Notice we did 2 kinds of applesauce.  One turned out really pink.  The girls thought the pink applesauce was pretty neat! The apples were so sweet we didn't even need to add any sugar. 

I once again enjoyed my day with Shane in the kitchen.  He is going to make a wife pretty happy someday with all this cooking experience!


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