Monday, October 5, 2009

A Trip To The Apple Orchard

The kids love going to the Apple Orchard.  We usually head out as a family in the fall and typically I end up there a couple times because  there usually ends up to be one or two field trips a year to the Apple Orchard as well. I love it that the kids excitement and wonder never wears off. 

The treat this year was the pony rides.  The kids thought the ponies were so cute and were more than excited to hop on for a ride.

A quick stop for a photo before we head out to the orchard.

The kids love riding on the back of the tractor to the orchard.  They are ready to go!

We went to work gathering apples! 

We wanted to make a lot of applesauce so we filled up 3 half bushel bags.

How many apples can I gather at a time?

MMMMM ... that looks like a good one to eat!

I think I can reach it!

Emma enjoyed her apple on the way back from the orchard.  We finished our visit at the Apple Orchard like we always do.  We enjoyed some yummy apple turnovers, apple pie and a caramel apple.  Can't wait until next year! 


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