Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shane's Carnival

Shane was so excited for his last day of preschool because it was Carnival Day. There were all different stations set up through out his building and outside. We rotated every 15 minutes for a morning of fun.

1st stop .... the Animal Dance. We put a CD on of music and they had to act like different animals. Here Shane is being a snake.

Next we headed outside to the natural playground. It was such a beautiful morning.

Our 3rd stop was the Ball Drop game.

We then went to the slimy room. The kids had fun letting the slime slide through their fingers!

Next it was time for a little side walk chalk and hop scotch!

The kids couldn't wait for the jump house.

And finally some long jump!

We ended the morning with a fun concert with a local children's band. The kids had fun singing and dancing!


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