Monday, May 17, 2010

A Weekend At Tulip Festival

Every year we head to my home town to the annual Tulip Festival. It is something the kids always look forward to. We try to head down on Friday evening we can spend some time watching the parade, eating that yummy festival food and going on rides. Saturday is a big day for the kids so it is nice to have a little time to relax and hang out with family on Friday night.

As you can see the highlight of Shane's evening was his big snow cone.

The girls love spending time with their cousins. They couldn't wait to watch the parade together.

After the parade we were off to the rides ....

I love Emma's face on this one!

Another reminder that Alexa is not my little girl anymore is her and her cousin were pretty sure the baby rides just wouldn't cut it this year. So they wanted to hit things like the scrambler and tilt er whirl. Watching them made my stomach turn for these two but they came out with big smiles and felt like such big girls!

Shane was just fine jumping on the horse for a nice calm ride.

More Tulip Festival fun to come!


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