Monday, May 17, 2010

Tip Toe Through The Tulips

I love the park at my hometown. I love the background with the windmill, little stream, bridge and of course all the tulips!

On Saturday we headed to the park for some pictures before scrubbing the streets. The kids love getting their costumes on, getting brooms and buckets ready and meeting up with their cousins. They don't get so excited about all the pictures their mom wants to take. I think either it is getting harder with more kids, they are getting older and probably just getting sick of taking pictures by tulips every year!

The whole gang!
I just can't wait to see our new little addition in a Dutch costume next year!

Emma looks like such a little Dutch girl with her blond hair and blue eyes.

Next up the brown eyed, brown haired little dutch girl.

And finally our cute little Dutch boy!

I had to post these just so you could see how painful it was to get a picture of a cute little smiling Dutch boy! He is still pretty cute faces and all!

The kids and I smelling the tulips.

It is now time to head to the street to get ready to scrub them so they are clean and ready for the Tulip Queen and her court.

This is definitely what Shane was waiting for. Filling that bucket of water and throwing it on the street for the girls to scrub hoping to get wet in the process.

Emma concentrating and taking her job serious!

Shane was so cute. He would fill his bucket and then take it to the girls and pour the water out right by their brooms. He was at their service!

Checking where the girls were at. Notice I don't have any pictures of the big girls. We had told them they could go ahead if they stayed together. They thought it was so great they didn't need to stay by all the little ones that they took off and were way ahead of us!

Papa treated everyone to fruit smoothie after all their hard work.


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